Finding Weird

Episode 18 - MMORPGee, This is Fun!

December 12, 2021 Season 1 Episode 18
Finding Weird
Episode 18 - MMORPGee, This is Fun!
Show Notes

Show Notes:

Welcome back for Episode 18!  Today we sit down with author and blogger, N. Daniel, who just recently released a new book, Burn this City to the Ground, which chronicles his mental health recovery and development of a new friendship while living in Minneapolis during the riots over the murder of George Floyd. Don’t worry, this episode doesn’t stay too heavy as we then move on to discuss MMORPGs while taking a gut punch of nostalgia, and even talk about erotic roleplay in World of Warcraft… hey, if you know you know.

Next week, we will be sitting down with plant-based nutrition coach and host of the Win the Food Fight podcast, Michelle Vilseck, as we talk about nutrition for physical and mental health, how you may have been lied to your entire life about food, and how eating Vegan gives you super powers… no, seriously it can.

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